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Sustainable Design Management

Sustainable design encompasses a great deal more than just achieving reductions in energy and water.  Creating environmentally responsible and efficient buildings requires a shift in both design approach and practice amongst varying disciplines. 

We proactively coordinate and facilitate the sustainable design process within the design team and client body through setting feasible targets, disseminating relevant education and information, and demonstrating measurable progress against recognized criteria.

The starting point is the establishment of the commercial viability requirements of the "green" aspects against which appropriate technologies are evaluated – the most complex and expensive technology is often not the best solution. 

Early and frequent evaluation will typically enable more successful green strategies.  With proper evaluation and decision making, unfeasible interventions can be discarded early allowing for more time and attention to develop the attainable strategies.

The focus is that strategies move from the ‘reports’ into the building within cost and the benefits are clearly expressed to the design team, client and tenants. 

Sustainable Design Managment

Sustainable Design Managment

Sustainable Design Managment

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