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Rewardsco Offices

Architect: Elphick Proome Architecture
Client: Zenprop
Location: Umhlanga Ridge, KwaZulu Natal
Year Completed: 2014
PJC Services: Passive and Low Energy Design, Water Management Strategy, Sustainable Design Management, Green Building Certification, Post-occupancy monitoring and tuning

The Ridgeside Office Block C building is the home of Rewardsco and is located in Umhlanga Ridge, Durban. It is a multi-tenanted office building with the anchor tenant being Rewardsco and consists of a ground floor and five floors of office space above that. The building is one of six in the Ridgeside business complex development. Sustainable strategies were employed to the overall precinct as well as the particular building. The building achieved a 4 Star Green Star Design and As-Built rating.

Some of the sustainable design strategies employed focused on daylight, water conservation, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our input into the façade design and atrium resulted in most of the office spaces receiving continual daylight autonomy, and thus achieving major savings on lighting energy.

Rainwater has been designed with sustainable urban stormwater strategies in mind with a shared attenuation pond in the business complex in order to encourage local and source controls of the stormwater. The rainwater from the pond is integrated within the building internal water systems where it is filtrated and distributed to the office and services the urinals, flushing of WC’s and irrigation.

Carbon dioxide monitoring and control is carried out in the building in order to maintain a high level of indoor air quality through high volumes of fresh air into the office spaces to encourage productivity and safeguard occupant health.

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