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Research and Education

We love sharing what we do with our peers and the next generation of building designers. We have our finger on the pulse of the future. Teaching at prominent international schools of architecture, producing peer-reviewed publications and regular conference attendance brings rich ideas that we slowly bring into reality by adapting them to our climatic and socio-economic context.

Our academic focus typical includes three categories – training, research and development.

Through training, we share in-house knowledge gained from our projects. Improving people’s knowledge in the field of sustainability and building performance opens new doors in different research topics and encourages people to do collaborative research.

Research activities have been always the main source of new methods and theories to apply in projects. This allows PJC to be able to use different problem solving methods for many specific issues even in even unusual situations. We often publish the lessons learnt from our projects at international conferences and support PhD and Masters students. This has made PJC a knowledge-based organization that is able to use, improve or develop advanced methods.

Development of in-house tools and methods is the next step to make the methods accessible for other people to use and apply. This helps PJC to share the knowledge by offering the tools to public and more importantly getting feedbacks which accelerates the tools development. These in-house tools are then accessible and used during our training events.

Our range of academic offering includes lectures, presentations, practical workshops, collaboration on peer-reviewed publications, prototype testing and onsite verification of project solutions.

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