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Philip Morris South Africa

Architect: Vivid Architects
Client: Rabie Property Group
Location: Century City, Cape Town
Year Completed: 2014
PJC Services: Passive and Low Energy Design, Daylight and Visual Comfort, Water Management Strategy, Green Building Certification

The Philip Morris South Africa office building is part of a development which consists of two buildings on the same site on a podium raised ontop a shared super-basement. The building comprises just less than 4000 square metres of prime A-grade office space over four storeys and 124 parking bays. It is situated in the new Bridgeways precinct, being planned as the first all green commercial precinct in the country at the time.

This building has been designed to provide a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment for it’s occupants. It also has an overall environmental strategy which encompasses transport, health, energy, water, and waste. It has achieved both a Green Star Office Design and As-Built ratings by the GBCSA. The green building certification was undertaken by PJC as a single certification combining the two buildings on the site, Philip Morris South Africa and The Business Centre.

Some of the building’s sustainable strategies implemented by PJC included a climate responsive building design focusing on natural light into the office spaces, solar thermal façade design for an efficient HVAC system, efficient artificial lighting design, integrated water conservation strategies incorporating efficient fittings, water-wise landscaping, treated effluent water re-use and air-cooled heat rejection systems.

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