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How We Do It

Project Timeline

Stage 1 – appraisal and definition of the project (5%)
identify, interrogate and quantify the project performance requirements

Stage 2 – design concept (35%)
establish applicable design strategies

Stage 3 – design development (35%)
quantify and qualify the applicable design strategies and assist architectural design development coordinate the strategies with the rest of the consultants

Stage 4 – technical documentation (15%)
use any modeling in stages 2 and 3 to assist in finalizing dimensional and material selection in the architectural design applicable to the agreed strategies.

Stage 5 – contract administration and inspection (10%)
support in transferring concept ownership to the contractor, decision making around on site design changes, reviewing commissioning information

Stage 6 – post occupation evaluation (project specific)
determine the performance of the actual building compared to that of the design

Project Team

We are appointed as specialists in addition to the conventional design team and do not replace or take over any role or responsibilities of any of the other consultants.

Typically we are appointed during stage 1 to assist the architect in exploring the possibilities, opportunities and challenges in the design.

We then assist in establishing applicable overall strategies. These strategies are then coordinated with the rest of the design team.

Our service is directed at special projects with special needs: conventional building designs can be managed by conventional design teams.

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