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Eastgate 20

Photo: Jason Buch

Solar control analysis
Architect: Paragon Architects
Client: Tiber Projects
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Year Completed: 2011
PJC Services: SDM, PLED, WMS, MES, Green Star SA Certification

This building is a refurbishment of a former automotive dealership in Sandton. Two additional floors were added to the existing building.

Strategies deployed to reduce the buildings energy consumption include the maximization of natural daylight and energy efficient lighting systems. Another prominent feature in energy conservation is the HVAC system, which uses inverter technology for the compressors, ensuring that only as much cooling is provided as needed and that the motors do not stop and start regularly like conventional mechanisms.

The buildings’ water consumption is kept low thorough the use of water efficient fittings, and the inclusion of air cooled HVAC chillers. In addition, a stormwater treatment facility situated adjacent to the building, treats all stormwater that runs off the sight, ensuring a higher quality of water flowing from the site into natural water systems.

The project achieved a 4-Star Green Star SA Office V1 Design Rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

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Photo: Jason Buch

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