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Century City Urban Square

Architect: Vivid Architects
Client: Rabie Property Group
Location: Century City, Cape Town
Year Completed: 2017
PJC Services: Passive & Low Energy Design, Water Management Strategy, Sustainable Design Management, Materials Evaluation Strategy, Green Building Certification, SANS 10400-XA

The Century City Urban Square is a mixed use scheme: offices, conference centre, hotel, residential, retail. PJC was appointed as the Green Building Specialist for our full suite of design services in addition to the green building certification. The project was the first Green Star custom mixed use project in the Western Cape at the time and received both a Design and As-Built 4 Star New Build rating from the GBCSA.

One of the design highlights was the centralised additional treatment of a treated effluent water supply to levels where toilets can be flushed and use of the water in the cooling towers for the HVAC system. In addition, the canal system was upgraded and designed in conjunction to the integrated water management strategy for the building which assists in replenishing the local water table as well as increasing biodiversity, with the inclusion of additional bio filters added to the canal to maintain water quality. This, consequently, earned the project an innovation point for its Green Star certification and set the precedent for similar interventions for the future buildings on the planned precinct.

Another design highlight was the inclusion of mixed-mode thermal comfort system combined with a district cooling plant serving the four buildings. The advantage of having the different typology and occupancy patterns, along with the passive design of the building envelopes, resulted in an energy efficient strategy superior to that of conventional buildings.

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