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115 West - Alexander Forbes

Photo: Hugh Fraser

Solar analysis for individual façades
Architect: Paragon Architects
Client: Alexander Forbes
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Year Completed: 2012
PJC Services: SDM, PLED, WMS, MES,
Green Star SA Certification

PJC was part of the project team to build the new head office of Alexander Forbes as their latest testament to their image of transparency, trustworthiness and sustainability.

This building was the largest and most complex Green Building yet when it was finished and achieved a 4 Star Office Design rating under the guidance of PJC. The key objective from the Client was to ensure the health and wellbeing of the occupants and to create an inspiring work environment.

Featuring 22 000 m² of glazing, the building allows for 50% naturally day-lit spaces and provides 64% of the office area with external views.
PJC played an important role in solar analysis to maximise daylight while minimising heat gain, resulting in an optimisation of the solar control on each façade.

Together with daylight sensors, occupancy sensors and a zone lighting scheme, the solar control mechanisms allow the building a considerable reduction on energy consumption due to supplementary use of task lighting.

Focus was also put on sustainable water usage through the implementation of a grey water system and rain water harvesting system. The overall water consumption is estimated to be reduced by 67% compared to a typical commercial building of same typology.

Solar analysis

Photo: Hugh Fraser

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