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What is a rating tool?

A green building rating tool sets standards and benchmarks for green building, and enables an objective assessment to be made as to how "green" a building is. The rating system sets out a "menu" of all the green measures that can be incorporated into a building to make it green. Point are awarded to a building according to which measures have been incorporated, and, after appropriate weighting, a total score is arrived at, which determines the rating.

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Building Ratings Systems

A green building rating tool sets standards and benchmarks for green building, and enables a third-party objective assessment as to how "green" a building is by awarding points for each successful measure implemented.

Participation is voluntary rather than legislated and the tool designed by a cross-section of the design, construction and property industries.  Successful accreditation can become a valuable marketing tool.

The documentation process is involved but can be expedited and facilitated by an accredited professional and effectively integrate with the other disciplines.

This service is offered in addition to the SDM and other services (only) and constitutes consultation on the process of acquiring accreditation and facilitation for the collection and collation of documentation from the design team.

Our team consists of many Green Star Accredited Professionals and we are periodically contracted as instructors for the Green Star AP courses and as independent Green Star assessors.

A few of our principals were also invited to participate in the Technical Working Groups as the Green Star tools were developed.

We are not in a position to assist with USGBC LEED certification but can provide contacts of consultancy that do.


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